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visiting  you to stand on all your demands

Define a Trainer, nutritionist, and your focal point coordinator 

Once you call us, our team will set up a meeting to explain all programs that may interest you to
choose your optimal program for both exercises and nutrition to start your own new lifestyle.

Who will follow up with you?

Your Focal Point Coordinator, the one who is responsible to set up a flexible, suitable and customized schedule for you. Whether you would like to cancel or postpone a class or to define the place of the workout you can call your “Focal Point Coordinator” anytime for any reason. In addition to coordinating with your trainer, nutritionist and the workout place for you. You may have different trainer during the training period due to each class (exercise set) so your focal point coordinator provides you with the right trainer to meet the purpose of the class.

What are you getting before you start?

Face2Face will do set of surveys and assessments to stand on the participant’s physical and health status. By answering the questions,   your exercises would be built on to avoid any exercise it might harm your current injury if there is any. Body assessment will be also done to scale your improvement rate and tell how much of time do you need to reach your optimal shape. However, all your inquiries will be answered based on accurate assessment.